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May 2022

In this section, we will show you some smartphone tips, tricks and hacks that will definitely blow your mind! Below you will find the top smartphone apps and hidden gems for messaging, photo editing, video editing, dating, and many more.

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how to retouch photos on iPhone

How to Retouch Photos on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you know how well-equipped the camera is. You may take the perfect picture, later realizing that there is a blemish or that

how to stitch photos together on iPhone

How to Stitch Photos Together on iPhone

Technology has made it easier than ever to share your life with family, friends, and even strangers. Pictures are a good way to let others know what’s going

transcribe voice memos to text

Transcribe Voice Memos to Text

If you are always on the go, you likely want an app that will help you learn how to transcribe voice memos to text. It can be overwhelming

how to find gmail password on iphone

How to Find Gmail Password on iPhone

You need to access your email account to communicate with others in your personal and professional life. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget your login details, leaving you


How to Find Gmail Password on Android

Using technology to access your accounts no matter where you are making life so much easier. Whether you’re doing some shopping online or connecting with friends and family,

how to fix grainy photos on iphone

How to Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

In modern times, some photographers love the look of grainy photos as they give off a vintage-like look. Others, however, would prefer not to have the pixelated images

how do i get my keyboard back to normal size

How Do I Get My Keyboard Back to Normal Size

Everyone knows how much difference a properly functioning smartphone can make. You can write important documents, emails, and text messages when your keyboard has proper settings, for instance.

how to check if a phone is blacklisted

How to Check if a Phone Is Blacklisted

Sometimes, it is better to purchase a smartphone from a secondhand provider. You can get the products for a much lower price, linking them directly to your service

how to make a reaction video on iPhone

How to Make a Reaction Video on iPhone

Reaction videos are some of the funniest clips to watch on social media platforms. You can see people’s honest opinions about viral movies, television shows, and reels. You

how to mute part of a video on iPhone

How to Mute Part of a Video on iPhone

The iMovie app on your iPhone is one of the most comprehensive video editing software. It comes pre-installed on every Apple device. The iMovie app allows you to

how to blur part of a video on iphone

How to Blur Part of a Video on iPhone

Video editing is a fun hobby for many people. When filming, you likely want to share your creations with loved ones. You can also post them on social

How to Make a Video Louder on iPhone

How to Make a Video Louder on iPhone

If you enjoy making or watching videos on your iPhone, you need to know how to adjust the volume. Sometimes, these clips are too quiet, and you or

How to Timestamp Photos on iPhone in a few steps

How to Timestamp Photos on iPhone

If you are a photographer who likes to use your iPhone’s camera, you likely want to keep a record of when you took your photos. This information can

how to scan and email a document on iphone

How to Scan and Email a Document on iPhone

If you want a smartphone with a highly-capable camera, you should consider the Apple iPhone. An iPhone can take stunning photos if you want to learn the best

How to Turn an Image Into a PNG

How to Turn an Image Into a PNG

Congratulations on your new website! Coming up with a logo, header, and other graphics for your home page is the easy part of establishing your website. How to

How to Improve Video Quality on iPhone

How to Improve Video Quality on iPhone

If you use your iPhone to capture film, you likely want to achieve the best results possible. You have to have a clip with a high resolution to

How to Record an wav File on iPhone

How to Record a Wav File on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you may already know how powerful your device is. These phones are capable of so much, and many professionals use them for

How to Record an Mp3 File on iPhone

How to Record an Mp3 File on iPhone

Voice and audio recordings are a necessity in the modern world. Reporters need to capture the latest statements to develop the biggest stories. Students need to record lessons

how to convert JPG to PNG on iPhone

How to Convert JPG to PNG on iPhone

Whenever you take a photo with your iPhone, the image is automatically saved to your phone in JPG format if you have a phone that was made prior

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