October 2023

Audio editing software has come a long way since it was introduced. Whether you want to add an intro or just some background music to your next presentation, adding audio will take a project to the next level. Learn some more tips and tricks.

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61 Tools for guys who have everything - guy with a backpack

61 Tools for Guys Who Have Everything

Updated List Fathers, brothers, friends, boyfriends… We all know at least one man that is almost impossible to buy presents for. They seem to have it all! But,

can you add music to canva video

Can You Add Music to Canva Video

Table of Contents Canva is one of the best editing apps. You can make any project you can imagine, including videos and presentations. You may wonder, “can you

how to make a book into an audiobook

How to Make a Book Into an Audiobook

Table of Contents If you are an author, you may want to make an audiobook. More and more individuals want to listen to these projects when going on

how to redeem spotify premium code

How to Redeem Spotify Premium Code

Table of Contents If you or someone you know enjoys streaming music and putting together playlists that reflect their moods, then having a subscription to Spotify is a

how to edit a song on iPhone

How to Edit a Song on iPhone

Table of Contents iPhones are highly capable devices that allow you to create music and edit it. You can trim audio, build songs from scratch, and much more

how to write a song about someone

How to Write a Song About Someone

Table of Contents One of the unique things about humanity is our ability to create. Music is one of our outlets that allows us to express our emotions

how to promote your music with no money

How to Promote Your Music With No Money

Table of Contents If you want to be a musician, you are not alone. Millions worldwide work consistently to get the money to take their audio tracks to

how to convert mov to mp4 on iphone

How to Convert MOV to MP4 on iPhone

Table of Contents When you take a video on your iPhone, it will save it as a MOV file. This type of format is not compatible with every

transcribe voice memos to text

Transcribe Voice Memos to Text

Table of Contents If you are always on the go, you likely want an app that will help you learn how to transcribe voice memos to text. It

How to Merge Voice Memos

How to Merge Voice Memos

Table of Contents If you have a smartphone or a computer, you can easily create a voice memo. These recordings help you create a speech, remember information, or

how to mute part of a video on iPhone

How to Mute Part of a Video on iPhone

Table of Contents The iMovie app on your iPhone is one of the most comprehensive video editing software. It comes pre-installed on every Apple device. The iMovie app

how to become a good singer in 5 minutes

How to Become a Good Singer in 5 Minutes

Table of Contents Whether we sound like Adele or not, everyone drives with the radio cranked up and singing along. Have you ever wondered how she belts out

how to get into voice acting for anime

How to Get Into Voice Acting for Anime

Table of Contents Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard the term “anime,” and since you’re here reading this article and trying to figure out how

How to Do ASMR Without a Microphone

How to Do ASMR Without a Microphone

Table of Contents The internet is constantly changing and evolving; what’s popular one day may fall out of favor the next, and trying to stay up-to-date on the

How to Record an wav File on iPhone

How to Record a Wav File on iPhone

Table of Contents If you are an iPhone user, you may already know how powerful your device is. These phones are capable of so much, and many professionals

How to Record an Mp3 File on iPhone

How to Record an Mp3 File on iPhone

Table of Contents Voice and audio recordings are a necessity in the modern world. Reporters need to capture the latest statements to develop the biggest stories. Students need

How to insert audio into PowerPoint

How to Insert Audio Into PowerPoint

Table of Contents Creating a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to convey information. Whether you are sharing with coworkers, classmates, or students, making your presentation as informative

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