April 2024

Spreadsheets are not scary when you have the inside scope. Excel is no exemption. It is a flexible tool capable of storing and sharing data. You can easily create great-looking spreadsheets for everything from expenses to holiday card lists. Use our how-to guides to sharpen your Excel skills.

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mail merge in Gmail with Excel

Mail Merge in Gmail With Excel

Table of Contents If you are a business owner, you have to learn how to market your company. One of the best ways to reach out to your

how to do a mail merge in gmail

How to Do a Mail Merge in Gmail

Table of Contents Performing a mail merge is one of the best marketing tactics you can use for your customers and audience members. You can send a personalized

How to Merge Cells in Excel Mac

How to Merge Cells in Excel Mac

Table of Contents Spreadsheets make it easy to be organized. Programs like Excel are great for work, household budgets, calendars, or anything else that involves sorting large amounts

how to link two cells in Excel

How to Link Two Cells in Excel

Table of Contents If you are an accountant or other office worker, you may have to keep data for your company. Sometimes, the business you work for may

Salesforce backup solutions comparison

Salesforce Backup Solutions Comparison

Table of Contents Related: Backup Software Tips In the year 2021, Salesforce reported annual revenues in excess of $21 billion, thus making it one of the most profitable

how to create a roadmap in excel

How to Create a Roadmap in Excel

Table of Contents Related: Excel Tips To ensure that your business is a success, you need to have a plan of action. You can have overarching goals that

how to make a graph on PowerPoint - A lady presenting a graph

How to Make a Graph on Powerpoint

Table of Contents Related: Organization Tips When creating presentations for work, school, or whatever, using PowerPoint is your best option. With templates already in place, it’s quick and

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