February 2024

Tips and tricks are the best way to learn something new. At the heart of a Mac is the apps. Learn how to use the apps and shortcuts to best use your Mac.  Whether you are trying to start a new project or increase your productivity, a few tips can go a long way.

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how to change the admin name on Mac

How to Change the Admin Name on Mac

Table of Contents After you buy a Mac, you are probably eager to open it and get it set up. When the computer turns on, it is time

How to Make a File Smaller on iPhone

How to Make a File Smaller on iPhone

Table of Contents If you own an iPhone, you know how capable the camera is for any of your needs. It is fun to capture memories with your

how to make an image 300 DPI

How to Make an Image 300 DPI

Table of Contents After you take a photo, you want to be able to see every fine detail. You want to see the vibrant colors, beautiful backgrounds, and

how to make a to-do list on Mac

How to Make a to-do List on Mac

Table of Contents To-do lists are beneficial to anyone, no matter your job or schooling. You likely have experience using a notepad and pen to write down everything

how to add a signature in Gmail on Mac

How to Add a Signature in Gmail on Mac

Table of Contents Email is so popular, it would be weird to find out someone doesn’t have an electronic inbox for you to send messages to. People enjoy

How to blur out parts of a picture - guy blur eyes

How to Blur Out Parts of a Picture

Table of Contents Blur is more of a norm when it comes to photo editing in recent times. If you have an area in your picture that is

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