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July 2024

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, whether we are connected or not.  Explore the best mobile apps to help make life easier.

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how to create labels in google docs

How to Create Labels in Google Docs

Table of Contents Google Docs is one of the best tools available for document creation. It is free as long as you have a Google account. Google Docs

How to Sell on Instacart food delivery motorcycle

How to Sell on Instacart

Table of Contents Instacart became increasingly popular after the pandemic. More and more customers resorted to having their products delivered than going to the store themselves. You can

turning a photo into a line drawing

Turning a Photo Into a Line Drawing

Table of Contents If you enjoy being creative, you need to try the latest photo editing craze. You can make any of your images look like drawings! Several

how to save a picture as a PDF on iPhone

How to Save a Picture as a PDF on iPhone

Table of Contents Why would anyone want to learn how to save a picture as a PDF on iPhone? After all, Apple has already decided that the High-Efficiency

how to center object in illustrator

How to Center Object in Illustrator

Table of Contents Graphic designers love the power and features they receive in a tool like Adobe Illustrator. This software program lets you layer icons, text, images, and

how to sign into my google account on my android phone

How to Set Up Google Account on Iphone

Table of Contents A Google account on your phone provides you with a number of features and conveniences. You can create one to sign into a variety of

how to twitch prime sub on mobile

How to Twitch Prime Sub on Mobile

Table of Contents Twitch is a unique streaming website where content creators play their favorite games or chat with their viewers. Many of these individuals make an income

how to make a reaction video on iPhone

How to Make a Reaction Video on iPhone

Table of Contents Reaction videos are some of the funniest clips to watch on social media platforms. You can see people’s honest opinions about viral movies, television shows,

how to pixelate an image on iphone

How to Pixelate an Image on iPhone

Table of Contents If you want a smartphone with a high-quality camera, you need an iPhone. You can capture reactions, events, and subjects of any kind. There may

how to separate roles in discord

How to Separate Roles in Discord

Table of Contents Discord is a unique social media platform. You can develop servers that allow you to communicate with individuals worldwide. Your servers should have a specific

how to change your birthday on instagram

How to Change Your Birthday on Instagram

Table of Contents You’ve filled out all of your information and submitted it, only to realize that you typed your birthday incorrectly. You want to protect your privacy,

how to deactivate tiktok account temporarily

How to Deactivate TikTok Account Temporarily

Table of Contents TikTok is a newer social media platform that is especially popular among the younger generation. Anyone can use the platform to watch short video clips

how to erase in canva

How to Erase in Canva

Table of Contents If you enjoy photo editing, you likely know about Canva. This software program is one of the most comprehensive tools. It is free unless you

how to blur text in a picture on iphone

How to Blur Text in a Picture on Iphone

Table of Contents You can take photos and videos of anything on your iPhone. You can even capture sensitive information included in documents! If you want to share

How To View Current Public Reshares On Instagram image

How to See Reshares on Instagram

Table of Contents Getting people to reshare your content is one way to grow your Instagram account. The more people share your images, the more potential audience you

resize video for Instagram free

Resize Video for Instagram Free

Table of Contents Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms you can use to share videos and photos. Some businesses even utilize Instagram to share

how to cut the background out of a picture

How to Cut the Background Out of a Picture

Table of Contents Taking pictures is an incredibly deliberate act, and if you’re planning on sharing them online, you want them to look just right. Thankfully, we have

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