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April 2024

Photo editing is easy with the right tools and tips.  Your photos can look their best in a matter of minutes with the right software. Want to learn more about photo editing software? Check out our helpful hints.

Photo Editing tips by clever sequence
how to embed images in indesign

How to Embed Images in Indesign

Table of Contents The great thing about InDesign is that it can be used for both personal and business purposes. As layout design software, it helps you create

how to outline an image in illustrator

How to Outline an Image in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator is a graphic design tool that lets you build logos and other graphics. Several features are available in this software tool, including the

Best Gifts for instagrammers and influencers social media

75 Best Gifts for Instagrammers

Updated List With many people around the world down on their luck, some are trying to rebuild businesses by using Instagram, others use it for inspiration, and some

how to make art prints for etsy

How to Make Art Prints for Etsy

Table of Contents If you are an artist, you likely know about Etsy. This e-commerce platform lets you list your products, including paintings and digital prints. You can

turning a photo into a line drawing

Turning a Photo Into a Line Drawing

Table of Contents If you enjoy being creative, you need to try the latest photo editing craze. You can make any of your images look like drawings! Several

how to save a picture as a PDF on iPhone

How to Save a Picture as a PDF on iPhone

Table of Contents Why would anyone want to learn how to save a picture as a PDF on iPhone? After all, Apple has already decided that the High-Efficiency

how to center object in illustrator

How to Center Object in Illustrator

Table of Contents Graphic designers love the power and features they receive in a tool like Adobe Illustrator. This software program lets you layer icons, text, images, and

how to make prints of your art to sell

How to Make Prints of Your Art to Sell

Table of Contents Being an artist means you see the world differently. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking pictures or making a painting (or other forms of art),

how to pixelate an image on iphone

How to Pixelate an Image on iPhone

Table of Contents If you want a smartphone with a high-quality camera, you need an iPhone. You can capture reactions, events, and subjects of any kind. There may

how to erase in canva

How to Erase in Canva

Table of Contents If you enjoy photo editing, you likely know about Canva. This software program is one of the most comprehensive tools. It is free unless you

how to blur text in a picture on iphone

How to Blur Text in a Picture on Iphone

Table of Contents You can take photos and videos of anything on your iPhone. You can even capture sensitive information included in documents! If you want to share

how to cut the background out of a picture

How to Cut the Background Out of a Picture

Table of Contents Taking pictures is an incredibly deliberate act, and if you’re planning on sharing them online, you want them to look just right. Thankfully, we have

how to copy artboard in illustrator

How to Copy Artboard in Illustrator

Table of Contents If you are a graphic designer, you likely know the benefits of Adobe Illustrator. You can create logos and any other graphics you need for

how to unblur a video on iphone

How to Unblur a Video on iPhone

Table of Contents You can take impressive videos on the newest iPhones. These recordings often result in crisp footage that you are proud to share. Sometimes, iPhone clips

how to blur a screenshot on iphone

How to Blur a Screenshot on iPhone

Table of Contents If you have an iPhone, you can easily take screenshots of any document, photo, or information you need to reference. Sometimes, these screen grabs hold

how to change artboard size in photoshop

How to Change Artboard Size in Photoshop

Table of Contents If you are a photographer editor, you probably know about Adobe Photoshop. This software program lets you adjust your images by color quality, clarity, or

how to vectorize text in illustrator

How to Vectorize Text in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator lets you convert your documents to various formats. It works with both vector and raster images, depending on the type of formatting you

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