Photo Editing

January 2023

Photo editing is easy with the right tools and tips.  Your photos can look their best in a matter of minutes with the right software. Want to learn more about photo editing software? Check out our helpful hints.

Photo Editing tips by clever sequence
how to curve lines in illustrator

How to Curve Lines in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator lets you draw straight lines and curves. You can design bodies, graphics, and logos using these tools. If you want to learn how

how to make a grid in InDesign

How to Make a Grid in Indesign

Table of Contents InDesign is the perfect software program for any business or designer. It is also beneficial for editors of magazines, newspapers, and books. There are so

How to animate a picture on iPhone

How to Animate a Picture on iPhone

Table of Contents GIFs are so fun to share with others as they can add a sense of humor to any conversation. You can even learn how to

how to fill background in illustrator

How to Fill Background in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool that lets you create graphic designs. You can build logos, edit images, and manage other digital materials in this

how to overlay photos on instagram story

How to Overlay Photos on Instagram Story

Table of Contents Instagram is the place to share your photos and images. It was developed with the visual media in mind, and having images that are eye-catching

How to Move Artboards in Photoshop

How to Move Artboards in Photoshop

Table of Contents For Photoshop users, artboards are the basis of their work. They are the things that hold all of the elements and layers involved in creating

how to embed links in illustrator

How to Embed Links in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator is a comprehensive graphic design software program. Create presentations and other projects to share with your colleagues and other individuals. When you design

how to outline an image without photoshop

How to Outline an Image Without Photoshop

Table of Contents Photoshop is one of the best photo editing tools, but it is expensive. Many individuals cannot afford the subscription required to use Adobe products. You

how to make art prints for etsy

How to Make Art Prints for Etsy

Table of Contents If you are an artist, you likely know about Etsy. This e-commerce platform lets you list your products, including paintings and digital prints. You can

turning a photo into a line drawing

Turning a Photo Into a Line Drawing

Table of Contents If you enjoy being creative, you need to try the latest photo editing craze. You can make any of your images look like drawings! Several

how to make a flyer on google docs

How to Make a Flyer on Google Docs

Table of Contents If you are looking for an easy way to advertise or share information with other people, then creating a flyer is in your best interest.

how to make editable invitations for Etsy

How to Make Editable Invitations for Etsy

Table of Contents The invitations on Etsy range from a child’s fun design to adorable baby shower invitations. The invitations are made to look retro or even Victorian.

how to make infographics for instagram

How to Make Infographics for Instagram

Table of Contents Instagram is the best social media platform for sharing visual content. As a business owner, you have to stay abreast of what draws customers to

how to make an infographic on google docs

How to Make an Infographic on Google Docs

Table of Contents If you have information you want to share with an audience, you have several different options when it comes to presentation. It doesn’t matter if

Best Gifts for instagrammers and influencers social media

75 Best Gifts for Instagrammers

Updated List With many people around the world down on their luck, some are trying to rebuild businesses by using Instagram, others use it for inspiration, and some

how to make digital downloads for Etsy

How to Make Digital Downloads for Etsy

Table of Contents Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for individuals who want to run their own businesses. You can post your creations, including digital downloads,

how to retouch photos on iPhone

How to Retouch Photos on iPhone

Table of Contents If you are an iPhone user, you know how well-equipped the camera is. You may take the perfect picture, later realizing that there is a

how to stitch photos together on iPhone

How to Stitch Photos Together on iPhone

Table of Contents Technology has made it easier than ever to share your life with family, friends, and even strangers. Pictures are a good way to let others

how to create a digital planner to sell

How to Create a Digital Planner to Sell

Table of Contents If you’re a blog or website owner, you’ve probably been bombarded with advice for monetizing your writing. From pay-per-click ads to ebooks, there are tons

how to fix grainy photos on iphone

How to Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

Table of Contents In modern times, some photographers love the look of grainy photos as they give off a vintage-like look. Others, however, would prefer not to have

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