June 2024

Whether you are a new or advanced user, there is always something new to learn about Photoshop. Read on to discover some useful tips.

Photoshop tips by clever sequence
turning a photo into a line drawing

Turning a Photo Into a Line Drawing

Table of Contents If you enjoy being creative, you need to try the latest photo editing craze. You can make any of your images look like drawings! Several

how to cut the background out of a picture

How to Cut the Background Out of a Picture

Table of Contents Taking pictures is an incredibly deliberate act, and if you’re planning on sharing them online, you want them to look just right. Thankfully, we have

how to change artboard size in photoshop

How to Change Artboard Size in Photoshop

Table of Contents If you are a photographer editor, you probably know about Adobe Photoshop. This software program lets you adjust your images by color quality, clarity, or

How to Move Artboards in Photoshop

How to Move Artboards in Photoshop

Table of Contents For Photoshop users, artboards are the basis of their work. They are the things that hold all of the elements and layers involved in creating

how to embed links in illustrator

How to Embed Links in Illustrator

Table of Contents Adobe Illustrator is a comprehensive graphic design software program. Create presentations and other projects to share with your colleagues and other individuals. When you design

how to make editable invitations for Etsy

How to Make Editable Invitations for Etsy

Table of Contents The invitations on Etsy range from a child’s fun design to adorable baby shower invitations. The invitations are made to look retro or even Victorian.

how to make digital downloads for Etsy

How to Make Digital Downloads for Etsy

Table of Contents Etsy is one of the most popular platforms for individuals who want to run their own businesses. You can post your creations, including digital downloads,

how to create a digital planner to sell

How to Create a Digital Planner to Sell

Table of Contents If you’re a blog or website owner, you’ve probably been bombarded with advice for monetizing your writing. From pay-per-click ads to ebooks, there are tons

how to make an image 300 DPI

How to Make an Image 300 DPI

Table of Contents After you take a photo, you want to be able to see every fine detail. You want to see the vibrant colors, beautiful backgrounds, and

how to make a meme with your own picture

How to Make a Meme With Your Own Picture

Table of Contents Memes are a great way to express yourself and entertain others. If you’ve been online at all, you have been exposed to memes and have

How to blur out parts of a picture - guy blur eyes

How to Blur Out Parts of a Picture

Table of Contents Blur is more of a norm when it comes to photo editing in recent times. If you have an area in your picture that is

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