December 2023

PowerPoint is not just for boring presentations anymore. It is a multi-purpose tool for teachers, students, and other professionals. Thanks to some great templates and the opportunity to input things like audio, PowerPoint presentations have gone to an all-new level.  Read our blog on how to input audio to learn more.

PowerPoint tips and tricks
how to download an image from Google Slides

How to Download an Image From Google Slides

Table of Contents Google Slides is the presentation software tool of choice for many students and business owners. It is a free program that automatically saves the data

how to make a graph on PowerPoint - A lady presenting a graph

How to Make a Graph on Powerpoint

Table of Contents Related: Organization Tips When creating presentations for work, school, or whatever, using PowerPoint is your best option. With templates already in place, it’s quick and

How to insert audio into PowerPoint

How to Insert Audio Into PowerPoint

Table of Contents Creating a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to convey information. Whether you are sharing with coworkers, classmates, or students, making your presentation as informative

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