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Windows has a lot to offer. Learn how the might operating system can help with your productivity. There are a few features that are worth discovering. Maximizing your productivity will leave time for other things.  Read our tips on how to make the most of your Windows operating system.

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how to get macros on PC

How to Get Macros on PC

Table of Contents If you work on your computer, you likely have several tasks you have to complete. Sometimes, these jobs can take unnecessary time and are obscenely

how to make a grid in InDesign

How to Make a Grid in Indesign

Table of Contents InDesign is the perfect software program for any business or designer. It is also beneficial for editors of magazines, newspapers, and books. There are so

how to outline an image without photoshop

How to Outline an Image Without Photoshop

Table of Contents Photoshop is one of the best photo editing tools, but it is expensive. Many individuals cannot afford the subscription required to use Adobe products. You

How to Merge Voice Memos

How to Merge Voice Memos

Table of Contents If you have a smartphone or a computer, you can easily create a voice memo. These recordings help you create a speech, remember information, or

how to go live on instagram on a computer

How to Go Live on Instagram on a Computer

Table of Contents Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that let you connect with other users around the world. You can post pictures to

How to Put a Video on Top of Another Video

How to Put a Video on Top of Another Video

Table of Contents Videos have always been a quick, easy way to interact with large audiences. In the past, creating and editing videos was an expensive endeavor and

How to Turn an Image Into a PNG

How to Turn an Image Into a PNG

Table of Contents Congratulations on your new website! Coming up with a logo, header, and other graphics for your home page is the easy part of establishing your

how to make an image 300 DPI

How to Make an Image 300 DPI

Table of Contents After you take a photo, you want to be able to see every fine detail. You want to see the vibrant colors, beautiful backgrounds, and

How to blur out parts of a picture - guy blur eyes

How to Blur Out Parts of a Picture

Table of Contents Blur is more of a norm when it comes to photo editing in recent times. If you have an area in your picture that is

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