July 2024

You do not need to be a master coder to build a website in  WordPress. It is easy to manipulate to create an outstanding site.

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Add Clickable Phone Numbers WordPress

Add a Clickable Phone Number in WordPress

Table of Contents Every business, large or small, typically has a central phone number customers can call with questions and orders. If you’ve been on a business’s website

How to indent in Wordpress

How to Indent in WordPress

Previous Next I know what happened. You tried indenting your sentences, paragraphs, bullet points in WordPress, but couldn’t find a way.    Maybe, you tried adding 5 spaces

how to Embed a PDF in WordPress

4 Easy Steps to Embed a PDF in WordPress

Table of Contents PDF files are a homestay of the Internet. Longer documents, calendars, forms, and more are often linked to on sites to save space and not

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