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Mercari is one of the best sites you can use for reselling designer clothing, electronics, and home decor. You can make a decent amount of money if you are ready to put in the effort. Try a trick to selling on Mercari from the information below to get started!

1. Add an Extra 10% to the Cost of Your Products

The first trick to selling on Mercari that you should learn is to add an extra 10% to the price of your items. Mercari will take out a variety of selling fees, including 10% of however much your products cost.

Is It Free to Promote on Mercari?

It is free to list an item on Mercari. Mercari will take out any fees associated with your products after selling them.

You will have to pay at least 10% of the selling price of your products. There is also a payment processing fee of $0.30 plus 2.9% of how much you sold.

2. Drop Prices After a Few Days

One of the best ways to learn how to sell on Mercari fast is to drop the prices of your products. Anyone who likes your items will receive an instant notification when there is a reduction of at least 10%.

promote items offer to likers and set a reasonable price click on next

3. Include Details on Your Listings

The next trick to selling on Mercari is to add details to your listings. Insert the measurements and materials used on your item. Make sure to include the size of your clothing and the length of your furniture, for instance.

Buyers will purchase an item outright if they know it will fit their home or bodies. They will also appreciate knowing that the material will work for their needs.

4. Give Free Shipping

Free Shipping trick to selling on Mercari

One of the best ways to learn how to sell on Mercari fast is to offer free shipping. If you need the money, increase your listing price.

Many buyers will use the search filters to see items that offer free shipping only. Your products will be some of those that show up when the results load.

Who Pays for Returns on Mercari?

Sometimes, customers may request a return on Mercari. Thankfully, the company will cover the cost of the shipping label for the refund.

If the buyer does not receive an item as described, they have the right to request a refund from you. Mercari will determine the eligibility of the return, and you have to accept it.

5. Include Photos of Every Part of the Product

One trick to selling on Mercari is to ensure you take photos of every part of your product. This tip is especially true if you want to sell your clothing on the site.

Consider how you look at clothes when you shop in a store. You like to see every side of them and enjoy touching them to feel the material.

take multiple pictures of multiple angles of your item - how to sell on Mercari fast

6. Include a Picture of the Tag

Whether you want to sell clothing, electronics, or furniture, try to include a picture of the tag. This trick to selling on Mercari will help you and the buyer.

You will have a reference to the material used and the size. The buyer will know that the product is what the listing says.

always take pictures of your items tags - trick to selling on Mercari

7. Place Your Clothing on a Mannequin

Place Your Clothing on a Mannequin

If you can, try to place any clothing you want to sell on a mannequin. This step will help individuals see how the pieces sit a body their size.

Many mannequins allow you to adjust the size of them too. This feature will make the experience more personable for your buyers.

8. Only Use Natural Lighting

Only Use Natural Lighting Selling on Mercari Vs eBay

Only use natural lighting when you can help it. Buyers will see the true colors of your products when you only use the sun or the lights in your home. You will only have to perform minimal editing when using this trick to sell on Mercari.

If you can’t use natural light, consider the following products:

What Sells Really Well on Mercari?

When considering selling on Mercari vs eBay, you likely want to know what sells well on each. On both websites, you will quickly have buyers for electronics.

On Mercari, there is also a niche market for designer clothing. Many sellers have luck with putting sporting equipment on the website too.

9. Use Multiple Platforms

Use Multiple Platforms to cross list items

When determining whether you want to start selling on Mercari vs eBay, you may assume you can only use one. Many sellers choose to cross-post on multiple platforms, including Mercari and eBay.

Each of the sites attracts a different type of customer. Mercari, for instance, usually has a younger audience, while eBay has buyers of all ages.

10. Accept Reasonable Offers

As mentioned earlier, you should try to place your items on Mercari at a higher place than you hope to sell them. Many buyers will send an offer before they pay the original price.

Accept any offers that are reasonable enough for your needs. You can learn how to sell on Mercari fast if you are willing to give wiggle room.

accept offers on Mercari - trick to selling on Mercari - how to sell on Mercari fast

11. Relist Items that Do Not Sell

If you have an item on your Mercari that has not sold, you should try to end it. Relist it immediately, however, to put it back on the top of the search results. Perform this step frequently to learn how to sell on Mercari fast.

What is the Best Time to Promote on Mercari?

If you want to learn how to sell on Mercari fast, you have to understand how to promote on Mercari. It is best to wait at least two or three days before starting the promoting process.

Mercari only allows you to promote 10 of your items every 24 hours. As soon as you sell one of those items, you can add another.

12. Consider the Prime Shopping Times

Consider the Prime Shopping Times trick to selling on Mercari

You need to consider the Mercari algorithm when selling your items on the platform. Try to post your products when individuals are typically browsing the internet, including before work, after work, or during a lunch break. Many resellers find that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best for sales.

13. Have Shipping Supplies Ready

Have Shipping Supplies Ready how to sell on Mercari fast

Ensure that you have your shipping supplies ready when you want to sell products on Mercari. Always keep cardboard boxes, packing tape, sharpies, and scales in your home so that you can get your items out quickly.

14. Become Verified

Mercari offers verification services to make your seller profile appear more trustworthy to potential buyers. You only have to submit a picture of your identification and follow the steps provided on the website to complete the process.

After you verify your account, you will receive a badge. Buyers will see this icon when seeing your listings. The graphic will make them more likely to finalize a purchase.

verified your Mercari profile - how to sell on Mercari fast

15. Ask for Reviews

One trick to selling on Mercari is to encourage your buyers to leave a review on your account. To get a positive review, make sure to respond to messages and ship items quickly. Mercari will warn buyers if a seller has negative reviews or a significant number of cancellations.

16. Notice Your Likers

Notice Your Likers how to sell on Mercari fast

One trick to selling on Mercari is to always pay attention to those individuals who like your products. Send them an offer that is a few dollars less than the selling price to see if any of these people have interest in your items. You may be surprised at how much of a difference this tip can make in your sales.

What is the Best Time to Sell on Mercari?

The most popular days for e-commerce listings are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Start by listing your products on these days.

If you want to get more specific when learning the Mercari algorithm, try putting your items on the website between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. or 8 p.m. and 9 p.m.

17. Stay Friendly

When communicating with potential buyers, make sure to stay as friendly and personable as possible.

Try to include a profile picture on your account so that buyers can see that you are a person. This tip will help customers feel more comfortable buying from you since they cannot talk to you face-to-face.

be frienfly with all your Mercari buyers - trick to selling on Mercari

18. Create a Following

When you build a Mercari account, you will start to gain followers. Anyone who likes your style or likes the types of products you post can follow your profile so that they can quickly see what you list. If you want to sell something in a specific niche, try to gain as many followers as possible.

19. Avoid Scammers

Avoid Scammers trick to selling on Mercari

As with any other selling platform, there are scammers that you need to avoid. If you fall victim to one of these individuals, you have a chance of losing your money or your account.

Do not respond to any buyer requesting you ship an item before they purchase it. They may also ask for your personal information.

20. Disclose Pet Information

If you want to sell clothing or other items that collect dust and fur, disclose if you have pets. Buyers will appreciate knowing, especially if they have allergies to cats or dogs, for instance.

If you do not disclose that you have pets, you may receive negative feedback. These reviews could ruin your reputation and your selling presence on Mercari.

comes from a smoke:pet frienfly home - how to sell on Mercari fast
Can You Make a Living Selling on Mercari?

If you want to become a Mercari reseller, you may wonder if you can make a living. If you are willing to put in the work, you can get a steady stream of income.

Many individuals will go to yard sales or their local thrift stores to find items that will sell. They will use the Mercari algorithm to post them on the best days.

21. Bundle Your Products

Sometimes, you can learn how to sell on Mercari fast through bundling your products together. Buyers may see that you have clothing in their sizes and styles and may want to purchase multiple items. If you bundle these products together, you will sell more and offer the customer a slight discount.

offer bundles on Mercari - how to sell on Mercari fast

22. Keep Your Backgrounds Simple

Keep Your Backgrounds Simple how to sell on Mercari fast

When you post items you want to sell on Mercari, you want your buyers to focus on the product.

If you have a distracting background, the customer may not pay much attention to your items. Use a simple curtain or a table as the background, for instance.

23. List Any Flaws

When selling a product on Mercari, you need to ensure that you provide information on any pre-existing flaws. Capture pictures of those errors in your products so that the customer does not feel lied to when they receive the items. You may still get buyers for individuals who do not care about these minor inconveniences.

list any flaws dents and problems - sell on mercari fast - how to promote on Mercari

24. Use Mercari Smart Pricing

Mercari has a system in place called smart pricing that will help you learn how to sell on Mercari fast. Mercari will continually update the selling price of your products, promoting them when necessary. There is a floor number that you can set so that you do not sell your items for an amount that is too low.

set a floor price by taking advantage of smart pricing - how to promote on Mercari

25. Become a Pro Seller

Mercari has a pro seller program that helps many sellers make serious money. You will receive a badge that every buyer will see when visiting your profile.

You can sync any eBay and Mercari listings and manage your inventory when a pro seller. You can also receive 24-hour support when something is wrong with any of your orders.

How Do You Get the Quick Responder Badge on Mercari?

The quick responder badge on Mercari is one of the easiest to get. If you answer any chat requests from your customers within an average of 12 hours, you will receive this certification.

26. Promote Your Listings

Promote Your Listings Selling on Mercari Vs eBay

Even if you are not a pro seller, you can learn how to promote on Mercari. You will need to reduce your selling price by at least 5% for Mercari to boost the visibility of your products.

27. Reinvest in Your Account

The final trick to selling on Mercari is reinvesting in your account and business. After a buyer makes a purchase, do not spend all of the money at once.

Use some of the money you save to cover shipping or selling fees. You can also set money aside to buy more items that you can resell on Mercari.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes for Selling on Mercari?

When considering selling on Mercari vs eBay, one of your thoughts may be on taxes. Thankfully, you do not have to pay any money to the government unless you make at least $600 in gross sales on either platform.

Start Selling on Mercari!

Mercari is one of the best platforms you can use when reselling your products. You can promote your listings, use the algorithm, and respond to offers to sell your items quickly. Use a trick to selling on Mercari listed above to get your business rolling.

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