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If you enjoy being creative, you need to try the latest photo editing craze. You can make any of your images look like drawings!

Several software programs let you turn your images into artwork. You can learn more about the tools that help you when turning a photo into a line drawing in the guide below.

How to Convert Photo to Line Drawing Online for Free

Use several online tools when turning a photo into a line drawing. The four options listed in this article are free for any user.

1. Fotor Go Art

Fotor Go Art lets you turn a photo into line drawing online for free. Use the “Sketch Filter” to create this unique version of your photos.

Fotor Go Art also lets you turn your images into paintings. Select the “Pop Art Filter” for a modern look or the “Oil Painting Filter” for something more classic.

Use the below steps to learn to use the “Sketch Filter” in Fotor Go Art.

  1. Go to the Fotor Go Art website. Press “Sign In” to log into your account. Select “Sign Up” if you are new to the program.
  2. Drag and drop your image to the editor.
  3. Press “Open Image.”
  4. Browse through the filters on the left side of the screen.
  5. For a line or pencil drawing, select options similar to “Sketch 2,” “Pencil Drawing,” or “Artist’s Sketch.”
  6. Press “Change Image” if you want to select a new photo.
  7. Click “Download” to save the line art.

2. Snapstouch

You can also learn to convert an image to line art online using Snapstouch. You can turn your photos into standard sketches, pencil sketches, or outlines.

Your photos will have the same resolution after using the features on Snapstouch. Make additional adjustments after the transition finalizes. Adjust the darkness of the strokes or add an outline.

Use the steps below to use Snapstouch to turn your photos into line drawings.

  1. Go to on your desktop browser.
  2. Select one of the filter options at the top of the screen. Line drawings include “Sketch,” “Pencil Sketch,” and “Outline.”
  3. Press “Choose File” to find your image.
  4. Adjust the “Filter Size” and “Edge Strength.”
  5. Press “Upload.”
  6. Wait for the process to complete and download your new image.

3. Rapid Resizer

Rapid Resizer automatically traces your photos after you upload them. You can adjust the thickness of the outline to make your image look more like a sketch, pattern, or stencil.

Rapid Resizer also has “Brightness” features to allow you to adjust the darkness and sharpness. Change the colors in your image, creating a threshold for them.

Learn to convert image to line art online with Rapid Resizer in the steps below.

  1. Go to the Rapid Resizer website and look for the “Free Picture Stencil Maker” tool.
  2. Click “Use an Image from Your Device.”
  3. Find your image and upload it.
  4. Adjust the “Edges,” making them sharper or darker.
  5. Move the sliders for the “Threshold,” “Adaptive,” and “Thin” settings to make your image unique.
  6. Choose “Download or Print on One Page” to save the drawing.

4. Linify

The simplest of the options you can use to convert photos to line drawing online is Linify. This tool only comes with one feature, letting you create a simple drawing from an image.

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Enter a URL for your image or press “Import Image.” For the latter option, find your image and upload it to the browser.
  3. Choose if you want the drawing to be in “Color” or “Grayscale.”
  4. Select “Additive” or “Subtractive.”
  5. Determine how many lines you want the drawing to have.
  6. Adjust the line heaviness to edit the thickness of the outline.
  7. Click the checkbox next to “High Resolution.”
  8. Press “Draw.”
  9. Download the drawing after the process finalizes.

Apps that Make Pictures Look like Drawings

You can find an all that makes pictures look like drawings on your Android or iPhone device. The options in this article are free to download, but many have in-app purchases for premium features.

5. Watercolor Effect

Watercolor Effect is one of the easiest mobile apps you can use when turning a photo into a line drawing. You will receive a free trial when you first download the software. If you choose to keep your subscription, you will pay every month.

There are several art styles to choose from for your photos. Choose watercolor, oil painting, digital graphics, modern, or contemporary first. The filter you choose is your decision.

Send your photos directly to social media when you finish editing them. Watercolor Effect also has a built-in gallery if you want to keep your images private. The steps below are available to help you convert a picture to line drawing with this tool.

  1. Download Watercolor Effect Art Filters on your iPhone. It is in the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and sign up for the three-day free trial. You will have to enter your card details for when this period ends.
  3. Give Watercolor Effect permission to access your photos.
  4. Click on the images you want to edit.
  5. Choose the filter you want to use to turn your images into a painting or drawing.
  6. Wait for the transformation to finish.
  7. Save your image to the gallery and download it. You can also share it directly on social media.

6. Clip2Comic

Clip2Comic is only available on iPhone devices. It is an unpaid app, but there are in-app purchases for premium filters.

You not only learn to convert pictures to line drawing, but you can make caricatures. Transform as many of your images as you want to, with the image looking like a cartoon.

When it is time to export your images, choose “1080p.” This option gives you the highest possible resolution.

You can learn more about turning a photo into a line drawing in Clip2Comic with the steps below.

  1. Download Clip2Comic in the Apple App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Open Clip2Comic and give it permission to use your photos.
  3. Find the first image you want to turn into a drawing.
  4. Press the “Stylize” tab.
  5. Choose one of the filters that most resemble a line drawing.
  6. Click on the “Edit” tab.
  7. Adjust the highlight or shadow color, sharpness, and brightness in the “Edit” tab. When you finish with a feature, press “Apply.”
  8. When you get back to the “Stylize” page, press “Save” in the top right.
  9. Adjust the aspect ratio you want to use for your image and tap “Apply.”
  10. Download your photo or save it to social media.

7. PhotoMania

Another app that makes pictures look like drawings is PhotoMania. It is free to download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There are in-app purchases for additional features.

There are over 700 filters to choose from, some of which let you turn a photo to outline drawing free. You can even turn your edited images into cards for your loved ones!

The below steps help you use the sketch tools in PhotoMania.

  1. Download PhotoMania from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and click “Free Trial” to remove ads for a short period. You will also access every feature.
  3. Give PhotoMania access to your photos and videos.
  4. Click on the “Effects” tab in the top menu.
  5. Choose the “Sketch” option for line drawings.
  6. Select the type of sketch you want for your photo. Options include “Sketcher,” “Pencil Sketch,” “Colored Pencils,” “Notebook Doodle,” and “Ink Pen Writing.”
  7. Press the “Share” icon.
  8. Send your edited photo as an e-card. You can also upload it directly to social media.
  9. Save the photo to your smartphone.

8. SketchMe!

SketchMe! is another app you can use to turn a photo to outline drawing free, but it is only available on Apple iPhones. Again, there are in-app subscriptions if you want premium features.

SketchMe! is the number one app for turning photos into drawings throughout the world. It is simple, only offering seven effects.

When you finish editing, share your sketches via email or Facebook. The developers recommend using an image with a bright background for best results when following the below steps.

  1. Download SketchMe! out of the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the app and give it permission to your stored photos.
  3. Click on the image you want to sketch.
  4. Find the sketch effect you want to apply to your image.
  5. Use your fingers to draw the sketch effect onto your image. Adjust the thickness of the outline as needed.
  6. Look at the dual-screen preview to ensure you are happy with your results.
  7. Save the sketch and share it with your loved ones via Facebook and email.

9. iColorama S

iColorama S is the only option on this list that is not free to download. You have to pay $2.99 to use this powerful tool.

There are over 300 effects you can use in iColorama S. When repainting or adjusting your images, select from several different brushes!

The below list will help you when turning a photo into a line drawing in iColorama S.

  1. Download and pay for iColorama S in the Apple App Store.
  2. Start a new project by importing your first image.
  3. Choose the resolution you need or your image.
  4. Click on the “Style” tab.
  5. Choose the “Sketch” option.
  6. Select one of the 14 sketch filters.
  7. Enhance your image as needed and download it back to your device.

10. How to Convert Image to Line Art in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most comprehensive photo editing tools. You can do anything you can imagine to your images in this premium software.

If you want to convert image to line art Photoshop, you should go through several effects. Start with changing the color balance, moving into adding specialized features like cross-hatches.

Read the steps below to understand in greater detail how to convert image to line art Photoshop.

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop on your computer.
  2. Import a new image.
  3. Click on the “Layers” panel and find the layer that contains your image.
  4. Press “Images,” followed by “Adjustments” and “Curves.”
  5. Drag the middle of the adjustment line down and press “Ok.”
  6. Duplicate your background layer three times.
  7. Choose the top duplicate layer and press the “Adjustment Layer” icon.
  8. Select “Hue/Saturation.”
  9. Go to the “Properties” panel.
  10. Drag the “Saturation” slider to the left at -100.
  11. Click the eye icons next to the top two layers.
  12. Choose the third layer. Select “Color Dodge” instead of “Normal.”
  13. Click “Image,” followed by “Adjustments” and “Invert.”
  14. Click “Filter,” “Blur,” and “Gaussian Blur.”
  15. Move the slider until your image resembles a drawing.
  16. Go to “Filter,” “Filter Gallery,” Glowing Edges.”
  17. Reduce the brightness and increase the width. Press “Ok.”
  18. Invert the layer again and use “Multiply.”
  19. Double-click the background color icon to change it to white.
  20. Double-click the foreground color icon and choose a color.
  21. Choose the second layer and make it visible again.
  22. Click “Filter,” “Filter Gallery,” and “Sketch.”
  23. Select “Charcoal.” Adjust the thickness and detailing.
  24. Turn the layer blend mode to “Multiply.”
  25. Make all layers visible.
  26. Click on the last layer and press “Filter,” “Filter Gallery,” and “Sketch.”
  27. Choose “Torn Edges.” Select the “Graphic Pen,” changing the stroke to “Left Diagonal.”
  28. Change the layer blend mode to “Multiply.”
  29. Add a “Motion Blur” at “-45 degrees.”
  30. Make final tweaks and export your photo.

More Options

You can use a few more options to turn a photo to an outline drawing for free. Adobe Illustrator is the only software that requires a subscription.

11. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is similar to Adobe Photoshop. Use the “Image Trace” feature when turning a photo into a line drawing in this tool.

After you select the feature, make adjustments. You can increase the thickness, show more detail, and increase the threshold.

12. CorelDraw

CorelDraw is free for 15 days. If you want to continue using the software, you have to sign up for a subscription.

The easiest way to turn a photo to an outline drawing free is to use the “Trace” feature. This tool uses Bitmap technology to convert your image to a sketch.

13. Canva

Finally, you can use Canva to convert a photo to an outline drawing for free. This software program is available as a mobile app or on the browser. It is free unless you want access to premium features.

Turn your image to grayscale to start. Select the “Glitch” filters, followed by “Trace.” Adjust the transparency and brightness, decreasing the blur until you achieve your desired look.

Turn a Picture into a Line Drawing

You now know about some of the best programs you can use for turning a photo into a line drawing. There are websites and mobile apps that automatically convert your images for you.

If you would rather manually engage in the process, download Adobe Photoshop. You have to pay for a subscription, but you can create stunning artwork unlike anything else.

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