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August 2020

Here’s our concise list of all the web hosts we’ve reviewed, all in one page! Feel free to peruse the list and take advantage of the months we spent researching so you don’t have to! Need more info about a host? Click “See Our Review.”

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FastComet is a San Francisco-based hosting company with an extensive feature library and unique products and services for customers that were built by their engineers.

Why Choose FastComet?

If you’re looking for web hosting that is affordable and offers service all over the world at fast speeds, you’ve come to the right place!

Some Advantages


An European-based hosting provider that caters to more budget-conscious users.

Why Choose Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web host that specializes in low-cost, yet high-quality shared hosting and cloud hosting. As a leading provider, they offer hosting in data centers all over the world. Whether you’re a blogger or owner of a leading eCommerce site, chances are that they’ll have a plan for you!

Some Advantages


A Utah-based conglomerate specializing in shared hosting, though it also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers.

Why Choose BlueHost?

BlueHost is a great option, as it has a huge diversity of services offered at affordable prices. It’s been around for a long time, has great customer support, and has customized high-security options to keep you and your customers’ data safe. BlueHost is also loaded with unheard-of complimentary features!

Some Advantages

A2 Hosting

A moderately-priced host that puts a lot of effort into its brand, service, and support.

Why Choose A2 Hosting?

A2 specializes in shared, VPS, dedicated, and “reseller” hosting (hosting for those who wish to sell their own shared hosting). It’s well-known for its expert support provided by actual developers and for not off-shoring its operations. 

Some Advantages


A highly-configurable managed host that puts lots of dedication into service and support.

Why Choose SiteGround?

SiteGround prides itself on being both scalable and manageable. Unlike some hosts that only concentrate on one fixed type of hosting (such as WordPress-only hosts), SiteGround provides a well-rounded variety of services, utilizing servers all over the world

Some Advantages

WP Engine

WP Engine has put a lot of thought into how they host WordPress sites to provide the best experience possible.

Why Choose Wp-Engine?

With a free library of premium templates and well-architected solutions for WordPress sites, WP Engine is a great choice if you’re looking for flexibility and only host WordPress sites!

Some Advantages


Kinsta provides higher-class WordPress hosting marketed to higher-income people and businesses in need of fully managed WordPress sites.

Why Choose Kinsta?

Kinsta provides unparalleled levels of engineer-grade support and custom interfaces that make hosting one or one thousand WordPress sites a breeze!

Some Advantages

Inmotion Hosting

A US-based host that supports open-source technologies, is highly scalable, has blazing speeds and promises great uptime, and has a great variety of plan options.

Why Choose Inmotion?

InMotion makes web hosting easy. Every common operation, such as installing WordPress, can be done in one click. For those who prefer command-lines, you may use SSH as well! With a free domain name, state-of-the-art security, and even free marketing tools, InMotion is a great choice for almost any user!

Some Advantages


A US-based hosting provider specializing in managed WordPress solutions.

Why Choose Flywheel?

Flywheel is a very solid host. If your budget allows for it, its services are well-worth it. While it’s easy to throw it out because of the prices, remember that you are getting countless specialized services that almost no other host would offer you included in that price!

Some Advantages


Pantheon is a San Francisco-based “web-ops” host that serves apps for developers and marketers alike

Why Choose Pantheon?

Pantheon is an application-specific host, only serving web applications that run on Drupal and WordPress. Having been in business since it was a startup in 2010, it’s staffed by experts in both of these technologies.

Some Advantages

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