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If you’re like most people, then having some extra money in your pocket is a good thing. Since you probably aren’t going to find bundles of cash laying on the street or win the lottery, you’ll have to work for your extra dollars.

There are many, many options for side hustles that exist in our current society, and if you have a cargo van, there’s a chance to earn some nice dough. If you’re wondering how to make money with my cargo van, we’ve got some ideas for you.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

How to Make Money with My Cargo Van how to make money with my van

Before getting to the answer when asking how to make money with my cargo van, the first thing you’re probably wondering is how much can you earn. Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this inquiry. How much you earn will depend on how much time and effort you dedicate to your endeavors.

However, be rest assured that whether you’re spending a few hours each day or are using your van 40 hours a week for work, you’ll be making money. If you find yourself saying, “I have a van and need work,” there are opportunities for you to find what you’re looking for.

How to Make Money with My Cargo Van

One of the great things about the list of cargo van business ideas we’ve put together is that you can start many of them in a short amount of time. It may take a little while for you to get established and see the big bucks roll in, but taking the first step is essential when wondering how to make money with my cargo van.

It’s also important to remember that the cargo van business ideas that we give you are not “get rich quick” schemes. They are legitimate business endeavors that require time and effort. However, if you are serious when wondering how to make money with my van, then taking on these tasks could lead to lucrative rewards.

Tip #1

Being able to earn some extra money with your cargo van can be incredibly easy. There are many different options that can keep you busy with full-time work or the occasional side gig. No matter which one works best for your schedule, before starting any business endeavor, make sure you are aware of the potential risks.

1. Make Deliveries for Stores

person holding boxes how do I start my own cargo van business

When you find yourself commenting, “I have a van and need work,” the first thing you might consider doing is making deliveries for retail stores. Many times, they have last-minute deliveries that need to be made to their customers, but they may not have the time or the employee power to do it.

This might be especially true for any Mom and Pop businesses that exist where you live (and we guarantee there are some). Perhaps you have flea markets or second-hand stores in your area. A lot of these places sell furniture and large items that need to be delivered. For a small fee, you can offer to take on that job.

Don’t be shy; reach out to find out if retail stores need any extra help.

task rabbit freelance labor - how to make money with my cargo van

Become Part of a Larger Delivery Community

If you’re too shy to approach local businesses in person, then consider signing up for GoShare. This is a network of drivers with vehicles that can help out with a variety of jobs. Some of them might be last minute, while others may be planned in advance. If you have a schedule that is flexible, this might be something you’ll want to check into.

goshare - how to make money with my cargo van

When you work for GoShare, you don’t have to worry about cold calling potential customers, negotiating rates, or hunting people down for payment. All of that is handled for you, so all you have to do is load up your cargo van and drive from one place to another.

Another nice thing about signing up with this company is that you can remain autonomous (meaning you can still take on other jobs), and you earn a base pay in addition to tips. Plus, this company has insurance that covers the items that are being transported. This can reduce a lot of stress knowing that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for any accidental damage that might occur.

2. Deliver Food

person holding a basket with fruits and vegetables

By this point in time, unless you’ve been living in the woods off the grid, you are aware of the rise of the food delivery industry. Places such as Doordash and Uber Eats have changed how people get food, and they are always looking for delivery drivers.

One of the nice things about these two options is that they usually pay an hourly rate. You also get to keep any tips you get after delivering the food.

doordash - how do I start my own cargo van business - how do I start my own cargo van business

Local Restaurants Might be Looking for Your Services

In addition to working for a large company, you might also consider talking to local restaurants to see if they offer food delivery services. This could be another way to answer the question of how to make money with my cargo van.

Of course, the most obvious are pizza places, but other restaurants might be looking into delivery services as well. Next time you’re at your favorite restaurant, you might consider asking if they do deliveries or if they plan on getting into that business and then offer your services.

uber delivery - how to make money with my cargo van

Don’t Forget the Groceries!

Yet another food delivery option you can look into is delivering groceries. This requires more effort than working for a restaurant since you’ll have to do the actual shopping for customers, but it could potentially be more lucrative.

When asking how to make money with my van, there are a lot of people who don’t have the time or desire to go to the store, so you can make it easier for them. With a van, you’ll have a ton of space, so you have the opportunity to make more than one delivery for multiple customers at a time.

Delivering food can be a great way to earn some extra cash or as a primary source of income. What’s really appealing about this idea is that you have the opportunity to create a flexible schedule that works for you.

instacart - work with your cargo van

3. Deliver for Amazon

cargo van delivering boxes how to make money with my cargo van

Should you find that making deliveries is your thing, another option you might consider is becoming a delivery driver for Amazon under a program called Amazon Flex.

You can use your own vehicle to deliver packages to people in your town. With a cargo van, you’ll be able to haul a lot from one place to another.

While this option isn’t currently available in all areas, as the demand for Amazon products continues to rise, so will the need for delivery drivers. If you can get in on the ground floor, you might as well use that to your advantage.

deliver for amazon - how to make money with my cargo van

4. Help People Move

open truck how to make money with my van

When asking how to make money with my cargo van, if you are also looking for a way to get some exercise in, you might consider helping people move. This task can be a lot of work and highly demanding, but it can also help you make some good money.

Before getting into this endeavor, you’ll need to double-check the laws in your area. Some places are incredibly strict about the type of insurance you have to have and the rules about moving household goods for other people.

When wondering how do I start my own cargo van business to help people move, it’s also beneficial if you have the proper equipment, such as dollies, moving blankets, cargo straps, tarps, etc.

Before starting this particular business, it might be an investment in time and money to make sure you have the proper paperwork and equipment to be successful with your endeavor. With any luck, you’ll earn all that money back and then some.

dolly helpers - how to make money with my van

5. Haul Junk

Along the same lines as helping people move, you can also help them get rid of their junk. We’re not talking about your everyday, run-of-the-mill garbage here. We’re referring to the larger stuff, like old furniture or office desks — items like that.

Both businesses and residential houses have items that they no longer want and/or need, but many of them don’t have the time or the ability to haul these things to the dump or recycling facilities. You can use your cargo van to help with this endeavor.

The nice thing about this job is that you may not need the same insurance or permits that you might need when helping people move. Although, before getting into this endeavor, you might need to check out if there are any rules and regulations about hauling potentially hazardous materials — think old paint, insulation that might contain asbestos or other chemicals.

Of course, when it comes down to it, if you don’t want to mess with any of those items, you don’t have to. You can offer to haul away certain items and let them figure out how to get rid of the rest.

6. Rent Out Your Van

Rent Out Your Van how do I start my own cargo van business

When asking how to make money with my cargo van, another option you might consider is renting your van out. If you rent it out, people can use it to move or haul their own junk, and then you don’t have to worry about having the right insurance or proper paperwork.

There are even companies that you can sign up with, including Getaround. They are a car-sharing service that will connect you with customers that need your cargo van for various reasons.

getaround - how to make money with my van

The great thing about signing up with an established company like Getaround is that they have insurance to cover any damage that might occur to your vehicle, and you won’t have to worry about getting paid. They take care of that detail for you.

Of course, you also have the ability to rent your van out on your own without going through a middle man. You can advertise in local papers or online at places such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, among others.

If you decide to go this route when it comes to making money with your cargo van, make sure you’re comfortable with giving a stranger your keys. You never know how well they are going to take care of your vehicle.

7. Become a Billboard

billboard on a van showing a few shoes how to make money with my cargo van

Companies are always looking for ways to get a marketing edge, and one of the new trends is to turn cargo vans and other vehicles into billboards. The reason behind this? Vehicles drive to a variety of different places and are highly visible. The more eyes a company can get on what they have to offer, the more chances they have of making sales.

When it comes to turning your vehicle into a billboard, this might involve placing a decal on the sides of the van or wrapping the entire thing in graphics. After that, your only job is to make sure people see your vehicle.

wrapitfy - become a billboard how to make money with my cargo van

Wondering where to find a company that can transform your cargo van into a moving billboard? Online, of course! When asking how to make money with my cargo van, Wrapify is one of the most popular options to work with. The amount of money you make depends on the type of wrap you get, but it can be a nice way to line your pockets with extra cash.

This is an incredibly simple and easy way to earn some extra cash with your cargo van. You can even do this while taking on other jobs if you really wanted to.

8. Become a People Transport Van

There are many times when moving groups of people from one place to another will earn you some extra cash. Whether you are picking them up from or dropping them off at the airport, having a van with enough space for bodies and luggage is beneficial.

If your van is properly fitted with seats and safety gear, you can also drive for Uber. They are always looking for vehicles that can transport larger groups because they make more money and are convenient for customers.

Another option you might consider is turning your cargo van into a party van. There are people in this world who want to go out and celebrate special occasions with their friends and family, including birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more, and having a van that can transport large groups is beneficial.

You might even consider decorating your car with flashing lights and speakers for music. You can stock the back with adult beverages and make sure everyone gets safely from one destination to the next.

Before taking on the job of becoming a party van, it’s a good idea to check into your local laws to see what you’ll need. More than likely, you’ll need extra insurance that covers your vehicle, yourself, and your passengers, but there might be other laws in place that you’ll have to abide by as well.

9. Become a Mobile Pet Spa

a van with a pet shop poster on it how to make money with my cargo van

Within the U.S., more than 48 million people own a dog. For many of them, their furry friend is part of their family, and they go out of the way to take care of them. One of the things they invest in is having a professional bathe and groom their dogs.

When asking how to make money with my cargo van, you might consider turning it into a mobile pet spa. You can make it easy and convenient for people to get clean dogs by going to them instead of having them come to you.

Taking on this task requires an investment in the right equipment, including clippers and other grooming supplies. If you like working with dogs and have the skills to make them look good, this might be a lucrative, fun endeavor to take on with your cargo van.

Tip #2

When wondering how do I start my own cargo van business, putting a plan in place is essential. Not only do you need to figure out what you want to get out of the endeavor, but you also need to find out if you need permits, extra insurance, or other things to be in compliance with local laws.

Your Cargo Van Opens Up Many Business Opportunities

If you find yourself wondering how to make money with my cargo van, there are many different options to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a side gig or a full-time job, there are numerous ways to add extra money to your pocket, including the following:

  1. Make Deliveries for Stores
  2. Deliver Food
  3. Deliver for Amazon
  4. Help People Move
  5. Haul Junk
  6. Rent Out Your Van
  7. Become a Billboard
  8. Become a People Transport Van
  9. Become a Mobile Pet Spa

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